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During autumn 1964 Belgian VW importer D'Ieteren uprated a small series of 1300 Beetles (newly introduced for VW model year 1965) with Okrasa tuned engines. These 50hp engines featured counterweighted crankshafts, Solex 32 PBIC twin carburetors, separate cylinder inlet channels, sodium filled exhaust valves. Clutch was from Transporter. Chassis featured camber compensator, front stabiliser bar, uprated shock absorbers. Wheels were 6.5x15 of 5 stud Porsche origin. Available as Ruby Red (L456) or Java Green (L518) with white centre stripe and side front quarter badges. Interior Black Leatherette, flat black instrument panel with 160km/h speedometer, tachometer and oil temperature gauges. Also black two spoke steering wheel from the Type 3 1500. The original 'Herbie'?

1965 official Volkswagen brochure
Information and b/w picture 'Gute Fahrte' magazine issue 2, 1986.
1965 official Volkswagen brochure courtesy Kdf-Wagen.de